Standard Series Panels

The NexLightTM Standard Series of control panels provides control of lighting loads using world class 20A mechanically latching relays for ON/OFF control and CRC4214 dimming units that provide up to 100 mA (sinking current) of dimming per channel. These lighting control panels come in a NEMA/Type 1 enclosure and are factory wired in NexLight's UL508A shop. NexLight panel mounted system components are controlled via a dual processor CPU with an astronomical timeclock function. The easy-to-use Graphic User Interface (GUI) may be accessed through a Personal Computer (PC) for real-time programming, monitoring, and override of controlled loads on the NexLight system. The scheduling function is also accessed through the GUI and provides the end user with full control of the system whether on-site or from a remote location. Networking multiple panels together using the global addressing feature provides seamless control from a single platform. 

Product Categories (Standard Series Panels)

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